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MP3 Soundfile - Kudos 1 © PRS/MCPS.
A piece written and played by John Parricelli to demo the new Kudos Blend. EQ is flat, and some reverb has been added. Mic is DPA 4099G
John Parricelli is a London based session musician. He was a founder member of the British big band Loose Tubes and has worked with the likes of Andy Sheppard, M People, Judy Tzuke, Shara Nelson, Mike Oldfield. He recently performed with John Paul Jones at the Royal Opera House, and has worked on numerous T.V and feature films. John has had a major input into the R&D of the Kudos Blend.


CHRIS NEWMAN www.chrisnewmanmusic.co.uk

Tom's Twist mimesis kudos passive no mic
MP3 © Chris Newman

Fish Supper mimesis kudos passive with mic
MP3 © Chris Newman

Emily's Charleston mimesis kudos active no mic
MP3 © Chris Newman

Cajun Twist mimesis kudos active with mic
MP3 © Chris Newman

Four tracks written and performed by Chris Newman using Kudos Blend Option 1, built in mic. All recorded using an AER Compact 60 amp, EQ flat. The amp was miked with a Rode NT1 going into an M Audio Fast Track Ultra 8 R interface, then into I Mac using Logic Pro 9. No EQ or compression was used. Some reverb was added, Goldverb set at 5%. Guitar was Collings 0002H.
Chris Newman is a highly versatile and respected guitarist. He has had a wide ranging and varied career embracing blues, jazz and rock styles, and has recently released a new album, 2000 Miles, with singer songwriter Stella Hensley. Chris also composes and performs the music in adverts for Tiger Beer and Buick USA, and regularly demonstrates for Collings Guitars.
As well as performing with the Mimesis Kudos, Chris can also supply and fit the Kudos systems. See stockists for details.

BROOKS WILLIAMS www.brookswilliams.com

Statesboro Georgia (USA) native, Brooks Williams is ranked in the “Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists” and is a “best male vocalist” nominee. The proverbial triple threat, a fiery guitarist, a smooth-as-silk singer, and a stunning songwriter, Williams’ music walks the line between country and blues. “Americana at its finest.”
“The Kudos Blend gives my guitar its fullest, richest and most satisfactory live sound. The “even-ness” of the magnetic pickup across the fretboard is second-to-none, while the fact that it is “active” allows me to accentuate the lows. It’s great for slide, fingerstyle, blues, country, anything! Adding the mic into the mix brings out the clarity that I like so much about acoustic guitar. Simply the best!"

UWE KLEMANN soundcloud.com/unbroken-link

Kudos Option 2. Magnetic/mic blend using the DPA 4099 mic.
A beautiful acoustic track by Uwe Klemann

FINDLAY NAPIER www.findlaynapier.com

Who Cares MP3 © Findlay Napier

Melting Away MP3 © Findlay Napier

Two songs written and performed by Findlay Napier. Recorded using Kudos Blend Option 1 built in mic.
Singer/songwriter Findlay Napier was nominated as songwriter of the year in the 2010 ‘MG Alba Scottish Traditional Music Awards’ and has been emerging as a writer and performer of increasingly impressive stature. Currently he plays with two bands, Findlay Napier and the Bar Room Mountaineers, and the songwriting project Queen Anne’s Revenge. Findlay has road-tested pre-production models of the Kudos Blend system over an extended period.

CHRIS WOODS www.chriswoodsgroove.co.uk
Chris Woods is one of the UK’s most exciting young instrumentalists. His creative percussive style has received critical acclaim, described as “A tour de force of original technique” by Acoustic Magazine and “Powerfully Original” by Hot Press (Ireland).
Check out his regular feature in the techniques section of Acoustic Magazine.
Watch ' Stolen Lines ' a video from Chris's new album ' Stories for Solo Guitar ' http://youtu.be/UbZNzz9vHqM Recorded using Mimesis Kudos mic/passive magnetic and two ambient AKG C1000's
Here is a taster from the album:

Edinburgh MP3 © Chris Woods


JOHN GOLDIE www.johngoldie.co.uk
John Goldie is recognised as one of the revered players on the acoustic circuit, and has collaborated with some of the worlds greatest players including MartinTaylor,Tommy Emmanuel,Ike Isaacs, George Benson, and recently with The Faces at the Royal Albert hall, which John described as a 'surreal but amazing experience'
The following tracks were recorded using Kudos Option 1, 60% passive magnetic pickup, 40% mic, eq flat.

Honky Tonk Woman MP3 © John Goldie

Flying Scotsman MP3 © John Goldie


TONY HAVEN.  Keep Clarity.  Lap Tapping Acoustic Guitar.  Kudos Option 1.


ELLIOTT MORRIS called into the workshop during his recent Scotland/Ireland tour and purchased a Kudos. Check him out at www.elliottmorris.co.uk
Elliot has just released a really great EP ' Shadows and Whispers'


BRIAN MAY,  QUEEN www.brianmay.com


Bill is the best guitar tech I know, and together with John Parricelli, has been involved in testing and appraisal of the Kudos Blend

CHRIS NEWMAN GUITARS, Woodhurst, Huntingdon.
079706 78060

IVOR MAIRANTS MUSICENTRE, 56 Rathbone Place, London. W1T 1JT
0207 636 1481   www.ivormairants.co.uk


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